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Thread: my experience with the editors

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    Red face my experience with the editors

    Happy spring AWers

    Dear editors, what should I expect when I sign on?

    What I really want to ask is what do editors do, and especially when they say "they do editing, story flow and story development ... " - but that sounds silly, so here are some of my experiences - your feedbacks are greatly appreciated. (After few years, I figured out some of them but not all...)

    #1. Editor Online (5 years ago): she charges $389 monthly fee (3 month min) and edits certain amount of words/chapters. I signed on to get over my procrastination. But then, I saw all she did was to correct a few words and some grammar - I doubt my writing is that good (OR maybe it's so bad that is beyond salvage. And if the writer is so bad at it, would the editor soldier on?

    #2. One Hour (5 yr ago): a popular forum runs by an agent suggested an editor. My gut feeling was she was new at freelancing. $200 to read 2 pages and one hour on the phone. She was late to the phone and was outside, with plenty background noise. After 30 minutes, we both had nothing to say.

    #3. You're not Ready (4 yrs ago): $210 to read my ms and then declined bec I need to make my ms better ... I like her, even she didn't return my fee -> #2 post at this post.

    #4. Writing Class: the teacher who edited our writings is really good in terns of yelling and praising. But I didn't think we hit it off so I didn't contact her after the class was over. Maybe for the yelling she's worth her gold.

    #5. Lower East: $100 for reading few pages and one hour meeting. She was sensible and liked what I wrote but I didn't hear any critics.

    #6. The Developmental Editor: I googled what they do but this editor did, mostly were line editing and correct my grammar (I thought these are for copy editor, no?). I knew I need suggestions and corrections of my story line, development ... oh well ...

    #7. Memoir Teacher: he edited a short essay for me but then didn't reply to my next inquiry. Probably due to reason #1 above. Forgot how much I paid.

    #8. Free lancer in a group: $165 for a trial run (2k words and 30 min on phone) . Many praises when I knew I deserve more criticism ...

    #9. Free lancer in a group II: "sorry I'm too busy", end of story. I like this editor too .

    #10. Amazon: not too bad because I didn't know what to ask ... so it's my fault. Tuition paid.


    #1001 Current: she said she'll do story flow and development but during our one on one session, she corrected my usage of words and grammar. I don't need the copy editing yet. I need to iron out my story first ...

    I think I need an editor to actually edit my story flow and development. Will the editor ever be critical? I'm wondering why is it so hard to find one? Even a bad writer deserves a suitable editor, doesn't she?

    Dear Editors, when you say story line and development, do you really mean it??? OR what do you really mean?

    Thank you for suffering through my Chinglish Have a great weekend.
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    Thank you
    Irene Eng

    ~ truth is indeed stranger than fiction ~

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