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Thread: Maybe I'm just panicking...

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    Temporary Queen of the Realm MinaJane's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
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    Maybe I'm just panicking...

    ... or maybe I should rewrite my entire book. I don't know, I think I need some advice (or possibly a kick in the butt) to calm my nerves a bit.

    As I said before, I'm revising my book, trying to clean up all the paragraphs of info dump, deleting unnecessary dialogue tags, and struggling through this "show, don't tell" nightmare.

    Up to a point, I was happy that I could see those issues in my work, and improve. Now I'm at chapter 3, it's proving more difficult than expected to re-insert along the way all the info I cut, I'm afraid that as a result my characters are a little (a lot?) weak at the beginning of the story, that some of the MC's reactions might not be easily understandable by the reader... and maybe my characters were too plain from the start... and maybe I should rethink the whole characterization... and maybe the real problem is in the structure and the order in which I show the action, since I'm not telling it whenever I want, anymore... and maybe I should toss it all in the trash and start over...

    Or maybe I'm trying so hard to find what's wrong that I can't see anymore what is actually fine.
    I can see the shadow of writer's block creeping in the corner of my office and I don't like it.

    Please help me get my mind out of this whirlwind. Any opinion will be helpful, I'm sure.
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