Editor here: the name has baggage, like it or not. By keeping it a reader will expect to have a certain type of story and get annoyed when it is not forthcoming.

My recommendation is ditch it for something else. I know that it may be perfect for you, but any editor will say the same, the name is getting between the reader and the story you want to tell, a huge distraction.

This isn't just the historical baggage, but more recent stuff like that TV series. It will look like you want to cash in on the branding.

Try this: a global search and replace with a ridiculous name like Horace Dippleweeder. (You can always put it back.) Keep it for as long as it takes, until a new and better name comes to you.

Also, read CHILDHOOD'S END by Arthur C. Clark. When you finish, you'll have another reason to avoid using the "L" name.