In Canada, pride centres have come under fire by intersectional groups and outsider groups for not factoring them in. In Toronto, Black Lives Matter has protested the Pride Parade there the last two years protesting the army and police forces for marching in the parade. Likewise in Edmonton, they have protested the same and have managed to halt the parade last year in their protest. They have also lobbed attacks at the Edmonton Pride Centre, accusing them of sundry grievances after a board member was let go. It's all a bit messy.

While a few others who had previously marched in the Pride Parade in the years past but have stopped, who felt that there was too much rainbow-washing going on, especially with the slapping on the name of TD Canada Trust of the parade and festivities. This is a bit disappointing to us because it does seem like outsiders are dictating the terms on which the parade is going on, even though there are some intersectional groups who support BLM's group. It is a bit confusing and messy trying to figure out which of the intersectional groups are doing which while Black Lives Matter appears to be a major face of the opposition.