Hi Everyone:

I have just written a New Age book with 95,000 words. I am a little confused with regard to whether I need permission or not to cite other people's work. Someone who reviewed my proposal suggested that I would need to get permissions from all of the authors whom I cite. I have 175 discrete external references in my book. They are appropriately referenced, whether paraphrased, or when appropriate quotations are applied. I have a more scholarly approach so I know how to cite people. It would be daunting to get permission from every reference... in fact, well nigh impossible.

Please let me know what the conventions or legalities are in such an instance. 175 permissions make no sense to me, but maybe I am wrong. She claims that because I am seeking to make money from the book, that is, because it is a commercial venture (not scholarly) I must get permissions unless the citations are from the public domain.