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Thread: Can a story ever be perfect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curlz View Post
    I don't see why not. At some point you read the stuff on the page and no improvements spring to mind. So that must be the story's final form. Sometimes I'd read a book (by a famous author) and I would just admire it for being so perfect that nothing seems to need changing. So yes, those perfect books exist, IMHO.
    Yes, I basically agree--although of course perfection is subjective. I also find that it is easy to miss small things in my work--a stray period or comma, quotation marks going the wrong way, etc.--despite going through it over and over and over. Additionally, I can change my mind back and forth about a word choice here and there.

    The big thing for me is dread of the unknown--of missing something agents and publishers will loathe--but which I was oblivious to and my betas, including paid experts, did not catch or point out to me.
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