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Thread: Anger

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    When Is It Dark Enough? TexasPoet's Avatar
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    Jul 2009


    when the right villain
    comes swimming along
    after thunderstorms
    overstay their welcome

    you reach that boiling point
    where sugar cracks
    the gloves come flying off
    miss/mr nice guy
    dons Hyde’s tuxedo
    starts swinging that notchless cane
    to shatter a cranium or two

    it becomes too easy
    to apply the same solution
    liberally, you start doing it
    without thinking about it
    swoosh-thwack the guy
    who takes too long to place
    his coffee order
    bang-smash the driver
    who cuts you off when
    you’re a half-hour late for work
    at least that’s how it plays
    in the fertile fields of imagination

    oh to let go of the evil water
    you let slip in when the fabled straw
    fell, when the right amount of wrong
    came dog-paddling by while
    you were drenched and cold
    upon the muddy shore
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