I'm contemplating using an editor from Reedsy right now. Farmed my project out to 3 editors listed on the site with 2 rather quick responses. 1 passed as she didn't feel she was in the right headspace to tackle the subject matter (but did so after inquiring more about the project and then offering a bit of advise that was very helpful). 1 is very interested and proposed, what I think is a very good price for a developmental editing project: just under $1000 for a 100k MS. For my first novel, I used a freelance editor who charged $3000 for a 72K MS!

I believe Reedsy charges a 10% feel to the author for each project, which isn't horrible, I guess since the site if free. So, all-in-all, it would be about $1100 for a developmental editing.

I'm leaning towards engaging her services but it's always so risky, right? We shall see!