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Thread: Which Hero Will Come Out of the Celluoid Closet First?

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    Incognegro nighttimer's Avatar
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    Which Hero Will Come Out of the Celluoid Closet First?

    Submitted for your consideration.

    At some point, someone is going to stop with the hints. Quit with the tap-dancing. End the innuendo. Stop with all the virtue signaling and like the sneakers ad---JUST DO IT. Cut the crap and give us the openly LGBTQ super hero who is that way without apology or tragedy.

    I nominate Captain Marvel. Marvel teased us with the character of Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, but lacked the guts to go all the way. Same as they have with the strange relationship between Captain America and Bucky Barnes. The same way DC has with Wonder Woman and an island of women who seemingly are all quite heterosexual and thank you for asking.

    Last week, Marvel Studios released a series of posters for Avengers:Endgame which will bring together Brie Larson's Captain Marvel and Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie in the final battle against Thanos. Will it also bring between the two a knowing look, a coy wink, or a handshake that lingers just a little too long to not mean---something?

    This is 2019 and this nudge-nudge, wink-wink bullshit really need to stop. I can handle it. You can handle it. Who can't handle it? Chickenshit studio execs, Mike Pence, homophobic fanboys, and that's why here we are still thirsty and hungry waiting for the end of ambiguity and the embrace of true inclusion and diversity.

    Last week, Marvel executive Victoria Alonso said the world was “ready” for an LGBTIQ superhero to lead an MCU film, amid rumours that upcoming film Eternals will center a gay lead.

    It was a whatever comment for several reasons. We’re not patting you on the back until we see it happen, and it better not be half-arsed either: none of this ad-hoc ‘Dumbledoreing’ business or director’s cut bullshit, à la Tessa Thompson’s character in Thor: Ragnarok. Most of all, it was an odd comment because Alonso said it at the red carpet of Captain Marvel, a film which exudes BDE: Big Dyke Energy.

    Captain Marvel drips with sapphic tension — ask any queer who has seen the film, and they’ll tell you that Carol Danvers and her ‘best friend’ Maria have something going on. The chemistry may not be canon, but it’s undeniable: and while we’re not giving the film props for these undertones, we simply must let you know that Carol Danvers and Maria have fucked, and will fuck again.

    Let’s be clear here: Captain Marvel is not explicitly about a queer woman. There is no explicit queer intimacy in this film — there are no gay kisses on the battlefield, two women spitting into each other’s mouths or any sort of scene involving fucking a peach or even some light cum-guzzling. But you know what Captain Marvel is overwhelmingly submerged within? Subtext, famously the gayest of all texts.

    In short, Captain Marvel is an origin story about how US air force pilot Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) rediscovers herself after gaining superpowers during a flight gone wrong. We won’t spoil anything more, as we’re here purely to discuss her Very Close Friendship with fellow pilot Maria (Lashana Lynch).
    I don't really believe in "gaydar." Either you is or you ain't and that term feels vaguely insulting to me (feel free to inform me if there's no "vaguely" to it. I'm here for it). But what I do believe in is are things like friendship, things like love, things like a bond that goes deeper than just the love for a friend and right to the love of a lover. If there's nothing more between Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers than just a strictly platonic friendship, then so be it. I just won't believe it.

    There will be a Captain Marvel sequel. You don't make damn near a billion dollars and not get one. The character will survive and thrive after Endgame's final frame. That much is sure. What should also be sure is there is no more futzing around with Captain Marvel's preference to whom she takes in her arms and to bed.

    I'm here for that too. Not for the male gaze aspect of it. Not for anything but I want for my LGBTQ peeps what I got from Black Panther. An overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride.
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    “There are so many ways of being despicable it quite makes one’s head spin. But the way to be really despicable is to be contemptuous of other people’s pain.”

    --- James Baldwin

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