Cindyt, go to it, you know you want to.
Starrystorm - I am basically rewriting my WIP. Well, chopping it up into bits and rearranging it.

OK, I was really sleepy and tired today, so got up late. After too long I started writing things down on my new "Plot Grid" - a few boxes on a page done on excel and printed out. I was thinking of having Shana trying to hunt to survive but being terrible at it, despite being more carnivorous than humans are. The only time she ever got close to hunting was looking for the freezer section in the local food shop. Anyway, after that I was going to have her try stealing food and getting caught. And then that's when I got sidetracked into what punishment she might suffer. Having something cut off isn't a big problem for her because she can regrow them in a few hours. But that might take some explaining to the locals.

After that, it was dinner, and then too tired to do anything else. Sigh.

Keep on swimming, anyway. I'm in turbulent waters. Is it Monday today?