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Thread: A different kind of MC

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    A different kind of MC

    Good morning! I've been working on a new story, in a genre new for me - fantasy. I couldn't decide if my MC was male or female, so I went with neither - a genderless species, all referred to as "he" for simplicity's sake. Also in this species, you are a Youth until you are an Elder. No ages. This is a war story, so there are battles and death (mostly offscreen) but it's primarily a story about challenges and faults and heroism, winning and losing.
    So here's my question: do you think a genderless, any-age-between-infant-and-young-adult MC would be tough to pitch? I'm writing it for a 10-13 year old, and it would go on a shelf next to the Ranger's Apprentice reboot and the Inheritance cycle.
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