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Thread: Small and reputable presses

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    Small and reputable presses


    I'm approaching the end of my agent querying, and (as I've said from the start) I'm happy to self publish. The process overall is spurring lots of learning, better writing, and so on, so I am happy with the path I have chosen.

    I have a cover artist lined up--he's my top choice, and scheduled for October. Very happy.

    So, I have about six months between now and then, and am thinking of submitting to some small presses that don't require an agent. A few such presses threw likes my way during pitch parties, and others simply look like a decent fit. Someone on here had said not to query agents and publishers at the same time, that's why I have not subbed to publishers before now (with a few exceptions).


    So. I have about ten publishers (presses?) identified. They range from small to medium (and of course Tor takes unagented submissions but I dunno, that sounds like a very long wait to me.) Anyway, ten (about) publishers and my question is: Is it OK to drop the submission on all ten at the same time?

    Yes? I think yes. Yes?

    one fell swoop, one and done.


    (I'll still be happy to self-publish, and I still expect to. The autonomy of SP is appealing to me, but the promotional aspect is daunting to me. ... That's why, in case you're wondering.)
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