I've been working on some things for a while, major works namely, and every time I think I reach a certain point, my anxiety flares up with it, asking things like "does it flow right" "will people enjoy this" or the 'personal favorite' "are you sure this work"?

As a result of this, work on the novel has come to a crawl as frequently, whenever I reach a certain point, I always fret over it and end up either trying to get it peer reviewed (to which another someone on another threat gave some major clarity towards) or just not working on it until I'm certain I have something good down, only to return back to option A.

My point? What methods do you all use to get rid of Writer's Anxiety? I'd like to hear them and see if they help out so I can get my head on straight, and finish this novel at long last.

...because said anxiety caused me to delete about 50k from the novel because I felt it wasn't right...