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Thread: Stephen King's Scariest Book?

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    While acknowledging King's brilliance, I'm not a fan. I read everything up to the first 100 pages of The Tommyknockers and had no interest if any character lived or died.

    That being said, King has written passages, scenes, and single sentences that made me want to toss my laptop into the Niagara Gorge:

    The Stand: The recording artist's long, dark, terrifying walk through the dead body-stuffed Lincoln Tunnel.
    Cell: The crazed reaction of people right after the EMP. I was freaked out.
    Children of the Corn: Early on, when the MCs were arguing in the car and the wife got out and set her suitcase on the road. The way he described the image of the suitcase on the long, empty road hedged in by cornfields... brilliant.
    1408: Grab the audiobook. King reads this story. He's not a voice actor and it shows, but when the MC is locked in the haunted room, King knows exactly how he wants this half of the story to worm into the listener's ear. (I'm also NOT a John Cusak fan, but he was perfect in the movie.)
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