femwynn this is a forum for discussing non-fiction writing, not a crit forum. I've locked this thread until the forum moderator can deal with it.

Crits or critiques are pretty special, and have their own sub forum called Share Your Work (SYW). You need 50 posts to start a new thread in SYW.

Lots of times new members think they know what it means to be critted, and that their work is ready for it, when it isn't. So having to have 50 genuine, engaged posts gives new members a chance to figure out how critting works.

Until you have 50 posts, why not go to Share Your Work and read some crits, and carefully read the stickies, and maybe try your own hand at doing a crit ?

The password for Share Your Work is vista.

There's an FAQ listing passwords.

Once you have 50 posts, you can start your own thread in Share Your Work. Until then, reading crits, and trying your own hand at critting will help you understand what it's like to be critted.