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Thread: Absolute Write Spring Fund Drive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AW Admin View Post
    • Click the large blue AW Subscription button at the top of every forum page.
      The button goes to a PayPal page.
    • Fill out the amount you are comfortable with.
    • Click the ticky box that says Make This A Monthly.
    • Click the PayPal button or the Debit and Credit Card button.

    And thank you!
    Thank you so much AW Admin, I'd followed the blue link up top, gone through the FAQs and was fumbling around on the voluntary subscriptions page like a numpty. It's so much easier just following the big blue button and very user friendly even for the Paypal-knowhow-impaired like myself.

    That's me all set up with ongoing support now, and very happy to be helping. <3
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