First off I take all reviews for what they are: someone else's opinion. know what they say about opinions right?

One of my favorite books ever, is Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer but for some they would consider it boring and mundane, and yet I liked the everyday things that happen in the book. What captivated me were these two people who were down on their luck and came together.

I think you need to write what you like. I guarantee not everyone will like what you write. Take Fifty shades.....millions of people loved that series, and yet you can find bad reviews on it...I for one hated those books....but so what....other people enjoyed them. I loved Twilight....and many others hated it. I could go on and on, but what matters is other people's opinions didn't stop these authors from publishing. There are many best sellers out there that I think are total crap....but people buy them and love them.

As for originality...when it comes to romance, I think everything has been written, but what makes it unique is how it is written. Love triangles have been done over and over...but that shouldn't stop you from writing one if you want to.

My w.i.p has been painful to finish....I'm almost at the end of my first draft, and I get those self doubts of "everyone will hate this, this is corny, stupid etc" but I won't let that stop me. If one day I publish it and nobody likes it, I will be hurt yes...but I will learn and move on and keep writing what feels good to me.