I've written over 50 non-fiction books, all represented by the same agent. Those were relatively easy, as they sold on outline, and I then sent my agent (or more usually the publisher) the final ms. Many books were commissioned directly by publishers who knew me and I pointed them to my agent. Eight weeks ago my first novel was finally ready for submission after 10 years of writing (in between non-fiction and my day job). I sent my agent the synopsis and sample chapters and let him know it was ready for full submission. No response for 2 weeks, when he finally let me know he'd received the submission and looked forward to reading it. Four weeks later, I followed up with a polite email saying I looked forward to his response. He replied that he hadn't had time to look at it yet, as he was busy preparing for London Book Fair. It is now 8 weeks after submission and no further news. On his website the submission guidelines say 'If you haven't heard within 6 weeks we are unlikely to want to offer representation.' I am at a loss as to what to do now. I don't want to come across as pushy, but I am losing faith in my agent. Thanks.