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Thread: Is extended nudity allowed in Upper MG?

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    Is extended nudity allowed in Upper MG?

    This question is only for MG writers. I asked this question in the past as a sub-question, but those who responded were not MG writers and were just going by their gut feeling. I thought I'd get a specialized collection of advice from MG writers here.

    Previously, I wrote a lot of information that was probably not necessary.

    Here's the more general question:

    Is it fine in Upper MG to have a long duration of non-detailed nudity as long as it fits the plot and culture/setting, and that such nudity is kept to the background as much as possible? Examples: tribal/rainforest, historical, etc.

    I have an adult sci-fantasy book project that I've been highly considering converting to Upper MG (my main category as a published author). The narrative voice, little inner thought, friendships and all sound very MG to me, which is my reason to consider it. Adult was experimental for me, but I wish to stay in MG. I put a lot of thought into this at this point. I know exactly what to change. Some areas are easily watered down without hurting the plot. However, there is one topic that I'm not 100% sure on and wonder if it won't be marketable in an agent's eyes. Even if it does, which is probably all I care about, I wonder about gatekeepers, too.

    In its broadest sense, half of the book has basically an Amazon tribal community and nudist culture in the rainforest that avoid clothes for religious, naturist and humid weather reasons. There are no body parts mentioned. There is no sex. The nudity is necessary to the plot, and the MC adjusts to the new culture. Some reader benefits include a) seeing that not all cultures are like our own, and b) that the body is not something to be ashamed of. The plot's message has nothing to do with nudity, but those are some side messages I hope the reader can take home with them.

    Some might suggest that execution matters. Regarding that, the MC is conscious about it as he adjusts at first, but other than that it's kept light and in the background.

    My research shows that brief nudity is fine in MG books, but I guess my concern and question is if excessive nudity is fine in Upper MG, such as a naturist-like & tribal culture. Update: By excessive nudity, what I mean is more than just a single scene, but a lifestyle. Also, more than what's usually read in the market.

    My disclaimer: Some Amazon tribal cultures, nudist cultures and elsewhere do live as such, so I ask for a respectful conversation because otherwise the non-respectful person is telling them that their culture is bad. This book respects their way of life.
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