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Yes, I'm still working on the same cover. It's for a lit-fic novel. Here's the blurb:

Connie Silverstein just made the biggest mistake of her life.

She’s taken a good friend’s four-year-old son to the beach, and he’s been sucked out in a rip current and suffered brain damage.

Connie’s desperate to help the boy recover, but his mother is bitter and shuts her out. Traumatized that his injury happened while he was in her care, Connie can’t forgive herself and is consumed by guilt. Friends and family assure her that accidents happen to everyone and she shouldn’t be so hard on herself.

But only Connie knows the terrible secret that what happened wasn’t an accident.






For me, I would make the text darker and capitalise the first letter of each word but that's just me when it comes to titles. Have you tried putting the title on the bottom on the sand? Maybe move the pic up some? Then put your name under the title? I would go with the darker one of the four in any case. Just my two cents.