I've decided to create a website that is primarily for Young Adult works. I'm using a non-de-plume and I've switched genders. I kind of want a fresh start because I'll have a number of YA books coming out, and I do want to specialize. I know, I know, I should have thought of this years ago. Anyway, can you suggest a very simple free or very low cost domain website/template that is easy to set up and hold a few graphics here and there? I would like to avoid costs if possible since I'm paying out so much for other apps and programs. But free is not necessary.

You can include your site as an example and I'd be glad to check it out.


ETA: For those of you who have various author names for different genres (and or websites), how far did you take it to disguise yourself or adapt another persona? I know that JK and Stephen King did such a thing, and they were eventually found out, but how elaborate a process is that? Is it even necessary?

Haven't ever done this before.