Hi, I used to post here a lot as a writer. Obviously I still write, but I am also now looking to put together a team of writers to create regular tech content for the comapny I work for. I need people who can:

  • create 100% original, long form, written content
  • Written to a specific and detailed SEO based brief (provided)

I'm looking to pay 7c per word and need roughly one article a week for the next year. I will be honest and say I am going to be really picky about making sure I get the right people, as the responsibility for getting good quality articles, on the right subjects, in the right tone of voice up on the site falls squarely on me.

So if you do want to apply please email me and include the following.

  • Live links to at least 2 articles published online in your name
  • A brief bio of yourself and your writing CV
  • An explanation of your undertanding of Cloud Technology

If you don't include those things as requested I will assume you can't follow a brief and will discard your application.