I applied to ten MFA programs this year, and I've been rejected from all of them. I just feel absolutely destroyed. All my professors thought I'd get into a program; I have an agent and two traditionally published novels, and I'll be graduating with a 3.85 GPA + Honors. And yet... here I am, with no plans for the future, devastated and totally lost. I don't know what to do. I still have one semester left to complete, and it's like, why bother doing schoolwork at this point? I haven't been able to write for weeks, and it's difficult just getting out of bed.

It feels like this is the world's way of telling me that my stories aren't worthy, that I am not worthy as a writer, and my POV has no value. This hit particularly hard because the story I used for my sample is very personal to me, and it's the first story I've written where the main character fits my identity.