Hello all,

It's looking like one of my scheduled final-round beta readers is going to have to step back, so I'm looking for a new reader. This manuscript is a late-stage draft and has already been through the hands of a fair number of people. The main reason I'm running it by some more now is to find out if I inadvertently introduced any new errors in revision--plot holes, unclear character motivations, confusing or repetitive scenes, etc. I plan to query later this year.

What I'm looking for: Someone who loves space opera. I'm looking for a reader who'll approach this like any book they pick up to read for fun--who's happy to immerse themselves in the story and jot down an occasional note when something jumps out at them (good or bad). If you don't get a character's motivation, if you're bored, if your heart's racing, if something's not making sense to you . . . these are the kinds of things I'd like to hear about. Just general impressions and thoughts. Not looking for a line-by-line.

The manuscript: Epic space opera with a healthy dash of intrigue. Think Enemy of the State meets Firefly. It's 157,000 words--quite the tome--but I'm not going to ask anyone to commit to reading the whole thing. Just read until you stop enjoying it, then let me know when you put it down and why. I'm not going to post the query here, but if you'd like to see either that or the opening pages, PM me.

What I'm offering: I've done quite a few beta reads, a couple through this site, most of them elsewhere. You can read my post here to get an idea of my style. I'd be happy to swap manuscripts if it looks like a good fit.