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Thread: Massacre(s) in Christchurch - 3-15-19

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    Massacre(s) in Christchurch - 3-15-19

    At least one, possibly four people (four arrested, unclear who did what, save the worst of it), shot up two mosques in Christchurch, and deployed IEDs around the city center. At least 30 dead.

    The 28-year-old man who opened fire in one mosque livestreamed the massacre. He also uploaded an 87-page manifesto beforehand.

    If this all feels reminiscent of Anders Breivik, not surprising, the gunman namechecked him, along with several other mass shooters.

    He also said he's a supporter of Donald Trump (by name, no supposition), and used very clear Neo-Nazi language, like invoking the 14 words.

    Breaking, Christchurch is locked down, it's a fucking mess. Several stories on BBC front page, as well as the NZ Herald.

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