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Thread: Massacre(s) in Christchurch - 3-15-19

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    Quote Originally Posted by veinglory View Post
    The latest reports seem to suggest there was one shooter. One of the other detainees has been cleared, two other with unclear status.
    This is what's making me sickest about this attack: it seems to be wholly the work of an extreme right Australian. Now we're officially exporting terrorists to our closest neighbours. What a fucking indictment of this country's absolute failure to get a handle on its own racist right wing. Shame on our shit media that fans the flames, our shit establishment that sits on its hands, our whole hand-wringing "ooh noo we can't a racist nation, we've got Asian fusion restaurants and everything" middle class, for whom gently pointing out the obvious is far worse a crime than actually being racist. I feel ashamed to be Australian today.
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