I see. Congratulations on your swift offer, and thanks for the advice!

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I wasn't going to tell them, but EVERY agent asked me who offered.

I think because there has been a steep increase in the number of people who try to "fake" an offer, and also because my offer came in very quickly, many of them were a trifle suspicious. I did tell them in the end, because I could see no reason to keep it secret, and that seemed to be Janet Reid's advice from what I remember.

Turns out, one of the agents was asking because she was friends with the one who'd offered, and she had suspected that but wanted to confirm. When she found out it was definitely someone she was friends with, she withdrew to be polite.

Edit to say, I did chase up agents I'd only queried and not yet had a request from, since the timeframe was short and most hadn't had a chance to look yet.