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I'm laughing about the "influencer" label. I had no idea Lori Laughlin's daughter was anyone "known" until today when Sephora pulled her "make-up line" from their stores. She's fricken' 19. In light of the push to get her into USC, which may have a name, but isn't exactly academically elite, I'm hard pressed not to assume mommy and daddy bought her "influencer" status as well.
Don't knock the hustle. Being an "influencer" may invite eyerolls from those of us whom aren't millennials, but after watching Fyre Fraud on Hulu and seeing how Kendall Jenner was paid $250K for one Instagram post promoting about the music festival, you'd have to say it beats pouring concrete as far a job goes.

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My kids are both through college now, colleges they worked hard to get into, and degrees they worked hard to earn. This whole thing is just dredging up old grievances for me. Bah.
I feel for you, Chaka Khan. My daughter graduates in May. I will be the guy sitting there with the big shit-eating grin on my face. I will also be the guy who is working into his mid-to-late 60's to squirrel away the cash that should have been there for retirement, but went toward my little girl's education. It's a bite, but it was a matter of choice and we made it with eyes wide open. Sacrifice. That's what you do when you're a parent.

Rich people love their kids too, but some of them love them too damn much and this whole scandal is proof of it. They don't have to sacrifice shit. They want their little darlings to go to a fancy school with a prestigious name and they're willing to grease the wheels to get 'em in.

What these folks don't get is when you give everything to kids, they may develop a sense of gratitude, but it's more likely it only increases their sense of entitlement. What the world needs now is fewer, not more selfish bastards.