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Thread: New Sticky: Editors and Agents on Rejection

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    New Sticky: Editors and Agents on Rejection

    Querying agents and submitting to publishers wears us down. Time in the trenches can make us forget we're badass.
    Because we are: We're taking the risk. We're putting our work out there. We're grabbing for the brass ring.

    But a form pass in our inboxes encourages the nasty little imp on our shoulders to whisper how we're not good enough, we're not talented enough, we're not strong enough. Which is crapola.

    So we're starting a new sticky with links to the wisdom of top-level agents and editors. These are the people who know their stuff. Click the links. You'll be glad you did.

    And remember: Never give up. Never surrender.

    The Meaning of Rejection by Jessica Faust, BookEnds Literary

    Slushkiller by Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Making Light

    Query Shark - Janet Reid

    We'll add to this post on occasion.
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