Hi everyone.
I am new to the world of humor writing and I need your help.
I have a small, non-fiction fiction book that I am not exactly sure how to pitch to agents.
It has one sentence on each page and it has a couple of illustrations, but the main focus are the sentences so I don't think I'd call it an illustration book. The sentences are like little absurd thoughts. It' the kind of book you'd buy to as a funny gift. Imagine something like (this is not my book, just an example) a book that has one demotivational sentence per day, for example. Where would it fit/how should I pitch it?

Should I call it a novelty book?
Should I just pitch it as humor?

I know that for non-fiction writers are asked to write proposals. Would this be the case for a book such as mine?

Thank you so much in advance. I've been really lost trying to figure this one out.