Hi there. I was recently contacted on a freelance writing site to write a young adult story/comic book. I was given a summary of the story concept and asked to conceptualize it. This is my very first freelance writing job.

I love the way it came out (and so does the client), and I'm so excited at the prospect of it actually being published. If it is indeed published, the client and I have not discussed if I will receive any credit for the story.

I didn't expect to get a byline when I accepted this job, but I became emotionally invested as I wrote it (haha). Should I ask if I will receive any credit for the published story? Maybe that's a silly question since I was hired on a crappy freelancing site. Maybe I'm not entitled since I didn't come up with the original concept? But I would really love to have my name attached to this story. Could it hurt to ask? I don't want to seem unprofessional or inexperienced. I am very, very new to this so I need someone's expertise. Please help!

Thanks so much!!