Right now there's a bit of a food revolution going on where underground cooks and chefs are serving food out of their homes. It's illegal and sometimes sketchy but it's growing in popularity. Has anybody visited any of those places in their hometowns?

The way it works, the cook posts a lot of food porn on their Instagram and other social media. Then, if somebody wants some, they message them and the cook gives them the address where they can come to get it and how much money to bring. There have been some very cool success stories.

This is more popular in urban areas, especially Southern Los Angeles. From what I can tell, it's mainly been African-Americans, too. We've had a few of those pop up in Rockford and they go for a couple of months before getting shut down because nobody has a licence to do anything. But it's the only way many of these folks can make any money because of unemployment, lack of opportunities, and the sheer expense of opening up a regular restaurant.

The ones in Rockford were mainly older women and when you went there, it would a room full of crock pots and a few other warming trays strung on daisy-chained extension cords. The food was good, too. Soul food. Nothing fancy but simple food made well. The ones popping up around the country though are much more intricate and detailed.

In Los Angeles, there are a ton of taco places. Guys serving tacos out of the front yard or in somebody's back yard. There's a video I found where they say it has a speakeasy vibe. You gotta know somebody to find it and none of it is legal.

But it's how a lot of people are making money. They're broke or they can't find a job, but they love to cook and they're good at it, so they start selling food. In some cases, you just drive up and they come out with a bag full of food, take your money, and off you drive.

I've done some things similar with my ice cream. The problem is, among a long list of them, I'm in a very rural area so it's not like anybody is going to drive 20 minutes in the winter to get some ice cream. Sure, it's damned good ice cream, but it's not a priority. Lately I've been curious what I could do with my smoker and just how much success would I have if I tried to do something like that. I have a small smoker so it's not like I could put up big numbers or anything. But it's still something I'm very curious about.

Thrillist has a Youtube series called Instachef which is about the various underground food scenes in different cities. It's very interesting to check out.