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At the bookstore I worked at in SF we had a long discussion about what to called the New Age section and how to organize it. We could call it metaphysics, but the real metaphysics go in the philosophy section. Did the paranormal phenomenon & UFO books belong there? And what about books on Wiccan and Paganism. Religion? Mythology? And do they belong to be separated from the books on Ceremonial Magick, which overlaps but is not the same. Then yeah, Kabbalah, which as CF said is a real thing in the Jewish tradition. But there are TONS of people writing about it outside of Judaism, not necessarily credible but at least moreso than Madonna's rabbi. Do they belong in the Judaica section? Then you got your Masonic & AMORC materials, astrology, your idiosyncratic Christian spirituality (does Matthew Fox go with Thomas Merton?), EVERYTHING regarding Eastern philosophy, Robert Anton Wilson. You end up reading most of them just to know how to sort them.

The only thing I learned is that the topic is popular. People will spend hundreds of dollars, and come back every month. And if you own something rare, oh boy... We had a really good New Age bookstore in LA called Bodhi Tree, but got closed because the landlord's son wanted to open a brewery. [New Age] is always popular, look at how into Theosophy the Victorians were. But it got a built-in ceiling as well, its always going to appeal to a certain kind of person and not others, and impossible to catagorize.

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I agree. Santa Fe, where I live, has had some bookstores like that for a long time and has been New Age-y for a while. There are even some old hippy-derived groups living out in the county. Up the road from us is Taos and they've got a large community of such folks. The size seems stable to me.