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Thread: My screenplay is at 85 pages... what to do?

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    My screenplay is at 85 pages... what to do?

    So I transferred my screenplay text from WORD to Trelby, and it went from 136 pages to about 85 pages. From what I understand, an acceptable length is 90-110 pages. My genre is an adult comedy. I guess 85 pages is a little on the short side, so I am scrambling to add more text, but there is something about padding the text that doesn't feel right. Maybe its because I think the screenplay is a kind of self-contained unit, and it feels strange to add anything further to what I think is a perfect whole. On the other hand, I am taking the opportunity to add a romantic interest (a theme which was missing in the original). The problem is that I don't want to interrupt the flow. I am just wondering whether anyone has any thoughts about this situation?

    Thank you,

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