is a fledgling speculative flash fiction market. The one difference from normal flash fiction markets is that we buy stories in pairs, paying a flat rate of $160 for two related stories totaling 2000 words or less (an 8 cents per word minimum). Because the stories are bought in pairs you have a bit of flexibility in terms of length. For example, a 1200 word story and a 800 word story would be a valid submission.

We are using speculative fiction as an umbrella term for anything sci-fi, fantasy, near future, surreal, or the like. We do accept poetry, but at the same time, we are not well versed in "poetry", making it a bit of a tough sell.

When we say "related stories," we mean stories that are built on similar ideas, or are part of the same fictional world. However, the stories must stand on their own as they will not be published together. "Parts one and two" will not be accepted.

Our contract is a variation on the standard SWFA contract asking for exclusive publishing rights for 6 months and non-exclusive rights after that. Authors, of course, retain full trademark.

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Thanks for considering our site as a home for your works.