This is from Monday night. It is insane, silly, over-the-top and I loved every second of it.

Some quick things
1) Becky, Ronda and Charlotte deserve to be headlining WrestleMania
2) These three, Sasha and Alexa and the others make this by far the most talented women's division WWE has ever had.
3) I would love to play a security extra on a show.
4) "Kiss my foot, ya little weirdo!"
5) Ronda is the best Uber driver in the world. Didn't know you could drive while handcuffed.
6) Charlotte's last kick was actually kind of dangerous
7) I love pro wrestling
8) I'm told there is a farm along the Dubuque/Delaware County border where Cascade kids go to party with those from other schools. I'm guessing this is how those nights usually end.

Happy WrestleMania Week.