I know pro wrestling isn't a real sport. But there is a lot of athleticism in this form of storytelling and sharing thoughts here might let some of you get to know me better. Of course, any thoughts you wish to share or questions you have are welcome.

Unfortunately, I'll start with some disappointing real life news. Tommaso Ciampa, one of WWE's brightest prospects is having neck surgery tomorrow in the form of an anterior cervical fusion. I have read different opinions today how long the recovery process with anywhere from six to 14 months reported.


It stinks because Ciampa had become a star in the E's NXT developmental program. He was going to wind up a two-year storyline with Johnny Gargano at the big NXT show during WrestleMania weekend. When the storyline started with Ciampa turning heel on Gargano, things had to be postponed because the former tore his ACL.

Ciampa had also been called up to the main roster last month.

Here's this guy who's been wrestling for 14 years getting his big break and then this happens.

Today's pro wrestlers believe in making things look as real as possible, but that physical style takes its toll. Especially when guys and gals work for many years on the indy scene where some wrestlers are a little more dangerous to work with with.

Anyway, that's me.