Hey. I hate to be tying up bandwith but I have a new mockup that is substantially different than the others (#3). Would love your feedback on it. Thanks!

And yeah, I've settled on lit-fic for the genre.

Here's the blurb again.

Life’s not easy, but Connie Silverstein is making it work. She’s a fourth year medical student in Chicago. She’s has an apartment on the lakefront, a brand-new Volkswagen Beetle and a hunky Iraqi war veteran boyfriend. She’s lined up a coveted residency at a prestigious hospital after she graduates. All her effort is finally paying off.

But then one day she gets a call from her good friend, Miranda. Miranda’s daughter has been in a terrible accident and is in the emergency room. Can Connie take her four-year-old son, Todd, so she can deal with the doctors? Despite it being not the best of circumstances, Connie feels like she can hardly let her friend down. She races to the hospital.

Todd’s a sweet kid, a charmer, who calls her “Aunt Connie.” He asks if they can go to the beach. Connie hesitates—it’s windy and the waves are rough—but then takes him there.

She wished she hadn’t.

Todd’s drawn out in one of Lake Michigan’s notorious rip currents and is rescued but only after he’s suffered considerable brain injury that may be permanent.

Connie tries to help Todd—she has contacts with world-class brain injury doctors—but Miranda is bitter and shuts her out. Traumatized by her thoughts that Todd’s injury happened while he was in her care, Connie quits going to classes and takes to drink. Soon her life is spiraling out of control, and so her father forces her into therapy, but it’s no use. Connie can’t forgive herself. Over and over, friends and family assure her that accidents happen to everyone and she shouldn’t be so hard on herself, but only Connie knows the terrible secret that what happened to Todd wasn’t an accident.

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