I have self published my novel., Beyond the Starport Adventure, and am in a dilemma over the cover design. I asked a friend to design the cover for me and she came up with the design below:

I like the cover, but the novel in question is an action / adventure / space opera kind of thing and all the competing covers I see reflect the contents, which the cover above does not. As I have faffed around with 3D women (I know...) I designed the cover below. I don't particularly like it but I feel it better represents the book.

My cover designing friend is no longer available to assist with my designs so I'm on my own.

Here's my new design:

I'd like a better cover, with a TR7 flying around (yes, a 1970s Triumph TR7) and some spaceships blowing the heck out of Earth. Can't afford it. Instead the sad faced girl wears a 70s t shirt and the image kind of says "its scifi but somehow the 70s).

Opinions welcome!