Hi all,

I received an offer of rep from a large agency who has a good sales record. The reason I post this in the Rejection forum is because I've been popping in and out of here for awhile now, moaning and groaning about all the rejects on my last novel, which I'd rewritten three times, and queried on and off over the course of two years. At approximately 80 agent rejects, 5 small pub rejects (tho with one R&R I didn't really agree with), I was pretty much ready to give up this fiction thing. I'd had one extensive R&R from an agent, did it, and still she rejected me. I'd had about 15 full requests. Reasons for rejection ranged all over the place but basically either boiled down to "this mashes genres" or "I couldn't connect with your heroine."

Against my better judgment, I wrote another book, this time determined to stick to the tropes of my genre (suspense). I started in August and began querying a few weeks ago. I sent out a small batch to test the waters to see if my query and first pages were working. I began getting full requests almost right away, much to my shock. I sent out about 12 queries and had six full requests, and the agent who offered did so within three days of receiving the full. I alerted the other agents, and three are reading, two bowed out.

My point in all of this isn't to brag but to a) thank everyone who kept me uplifted when I was on here feeling a lot of despair over my abilities and the industry. There were days when I literally could barely do anything I was so depressed. I would come here and gripe and it helped; b) to give some hope to those still in the trenches. The solution for me personally (and this won't be the solution for everyone) was to abandon the book that I absolutely adored as it just wasn't right for the market and get serious about writing what was selling, but do it without compromising my soul!

Yes, I'm still waiting for this agent to suddenly realize she's made a huge mistake and pull the offer. And I realize submission can be a bitch and it might not sell.

But I will seriously never forget how depressing and despair-inducing the query trenches can be, and I wanted to thank you all for getting me through it.