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Thread: Reimagining the Kitchen: How feasible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikazaru View Post
    I couldn't get the article to load for me (probably on my end since I'm a computer "issues" magnet) but if I had my kitchen to do over, I'd make it bigger. It's fairly small and I hate having cluttered counters which I have always, since storage is an issue. And speaking of storage, I would also incorporate storage in the kickplate. I've seen kitchens that have done this and they are able to store their cookie sheets, short sided pans and the like under there. I think I'd also have a Lazy Susan in my corner cupboard. When we built the kitchen I was adamant that I didn't want one because I knew I needed to store more than they'd accommodate. Well, the shelving is broken from the weight of the crap I've shoved in there and every once in a while, when I can not longer stand the fact that the door doesn't close properly, I have to crawl into it to clean it. A Lazy Susan would solve that. And since we are wishing, I'd also have a pantry and an island. The best kitchen I've ever "worked" in was at a friend's vacation home we stayed at. The kitchen was not particularly large but it was open. It was U shaped with counter and stools on one side, sink/dishwasher in the middle and stove and fridge on the other side. The island was smack dab in the centre and it worked fabulously. I was able to pivot from the sink, to the stove and fridge to the island, it made meal prep a breeze. And lastly, I'd buy a commercial dishwasher - the ones that sound like a brass band marching thru a war zone - but only for two minutes. Mine is not particularly loud but you can hear it for the 40 or so minutes that it's washing. I'd rather have it loud for a short time and just get it over with.
    Corner lazy susans are great. Umpteen years ago, I had to totally gut a kitchen (oven fire*) and got to redesign it to suit myself. I installed a corner lazy susan for my mixing bowls and casserole dishes and friggin' LOVED it. Another thing I did—which caused raised eyebrows and which I'd do again in a heartbeat, if I had the money—was to install large drawers under the counters instead of doored shelving. Made access to the back of the storage a snap. I bought an oven-on-top range/oven combo and I loved that thing, and that gave me more storage underneath. I changed the layout too to get rid of wasted space and turned the area where the fridge had once stood into a pantry. I haven't had a kitchen that worked so well for me since. It's probably the reason I focus more on dream kitchens than on dream homes.

    * One of the many reasons I haven't owned an electric stove since.
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