I've been unhappy with my small kitchen lately—too little counter space (even though I have a large center island) and general dissatisfaction with my current stove. I told the spouse the other night that if I lived alone, I could happily exist with only a couple of burners and my existing countertop convection oven. I have the usual portable/countertop appliances, as well: crockpots in various sizes, a microwave, an air fryer, etc. But suppose . . . just suppose I could get rid of the range oven. That would net another 3 feet of counter space. His Pragmaticship responded with, "What about baking? For things like cakes and large cookie sheets?" Well, there is that, I suppose.

Today (serendipity) Pocket recommended an article for my 'reading pleasure' and it set me to pondering 'what-if': "Why top restaurants are getting rid of stoves (and why you might, too)".

For me, the value of the article rests only in the 'what-if' factor, so if you could reimagine your kitchen, what are your must-haves? Would tech like the portable induction burners touted in the article be on your wish list?