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Oooh, good to know. On my way to 50 posts.
Please read this page, and especially this part of it:

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As of December 6th 2010, members with less than 50 posts won't be able to create new threads in Share Your Work forums. (You can reply to existing threads, you just can't create a new thread until you hit 50 posts.)

This is a serious attempt to stop "drive-by posters" who post in SYW, receive feedback, and then vanish without making any attempt to give back to the community.

The 50-post dash

New members are strongly discouraged from making the "50-post dash" to hit the magic number as soon as possible. The dash usually takes the form of posting trivial one-liners in random threads all over the board. Seriously now, if you're not prepared to read and critique other members' material in SYW before posting your own for critique, you're coming in with the wrong attitude. This is the wrong way to get yourself noticed. Consider becoming a contributing member of the community rather than a taker.

Moderators may delete posts if they are judged to be trivial or spurious, reducing the offender's post count.
If you want to have your work critiqued, your best strategy is to leave as many thoughtful critiques for other writers as possible before posting your own.