In doing some light research on these forums and elsewhere it seems that a common error of first-time writers is to info dump in the beginning of short stories or novels. I知 not necessarily just talking about the tell vs show concept, but the desire for a new writer (like myself) to provide a lot of background on the story prior to the first scenes or dialogue.

I am struggling with this. I personally think that the beginning of my novel is good, but I知 not advanced enough yet to be a decent self-critic. I have lot of info dumping in the first 500 words before I even make it to the first scene. Like I said, I think that it is well written but I am unjustifiably biased.

I知 wondering if any of you might be willing to share your thoughts on whether you think this is ever acceptable, and if so, in what sort of circumstances? The novel is not fantasy or science fiction or YA, which makes me anticipate that the majority will opine that info dumping in the first 500 words of a novel should be avoided at all costs.

Thank you in advance for sharing your perspectives. I知 hoping that some of you might offer me some justifications for continuing without having to re-write the first chapter.

Thank you��