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Youíve given me a lot of food for thought! The truth is she is retired and has moved elsewhere, but I hadnít originally wanted to place a crime in her town for the first book. Youíre making me rethink that- I could slot this premise for a later book.
Eqb suggested setting the series in Spain, but I feel that the constant cultural differences would be distracting. A trip to Spain could be fun, but again, for a later book.
I just feel so lucky to be able to bounce these things off you all! I would like to say youíve saved me hours of anguish, but I have a feeling that the input Iíve received here has saved the series! Thanks again!
I honestly feel that if you're a novice writer, you should write what you know. I understand the temptation to make everything accessible to US markets, but if your knowledge of America comes from watching TV, you're on the back foot. I have lived in the US for years at a time and I wouldn't set a book there yet. Foreign authors setting their stuff in their home countries HAVE found success in the US and UK markets. Looking at all the Scandi thrillers at the moment, look at Alexander McCall Smith. Setting your book in Spain might make it stand out. People like travelogues! Dive into those cultural references, make them interesting and fun. But no -don't do a white saviour thing. What you were planning was totally that. Good luck.