Keithy - do you think being on this thread has given you the 'bump' to keep working between projects?
Cindy - whoa! it's a five-day for you - everything and pubbing - nice!
Taylor, that's what it's been like for me for over a year now...
Working *and* scribbling - very nice, Ptero
April - sounds like a good lead to follow. (I really liked Voyager - didn't like it at first but I watched it anyway because Star Trek - but it's real neck and neck for me between TNG & V)
Gough - I still have a long way to go - first, manage the UFOs - then get back to the unhoarding - congrats on that revision
starry! congrats on all those words

Day 15

WIP - 1/2 page
R/SC - started the day with errands, then some cooking; some sewing & tidying, then ballet
$$ - gathering info to update my portfolio