I'm about 60k into an SF mss with a time-travel and genetics plot that intersects with the life of Jesus, so I thought I'd check out the FaithPitch contest on Twitter to see what is shaking in the world of Christian fiction publishing. Now I need a shower. Uggh!! Much of the "agent" and "publisher" action is coming from indie houses formed in the past year with no proven distribution beyond Amazon OR C.Y.L.E. ponzi scheme operators. I can see why so many writers have abandoned the CBA to write for mainstream audiences. There are a handful of interesting queries in the adult fiction/fantasy/scifi genres, but I tremble for the authors getting a "like" from a start-up publishing house that will basically just take a percentage of their Amazon royalties. When did Christian fiction become assisted self-publishing?

One ray of hope: I saw an editor from a Penguin imprint signal her involvement. That's a legit publisher, though I am puzzled as to why an editor with a Big 5 imprint would be circumventing the agent process to like mss pitches on Twitter.

Related observation: An agent from Steve Laube Agency is now active on Faith Pitch. SLA does seem like a real literary agency despite its unfortunate relationship with Enclave Books.