Back cover blurb to get the feel of the story:
Throughout decades of military service, Earl Koke has never met a challenge he couldnít surmount or an enemy he couldnít pummel into submission. Now, with his career nearing its end, he looks forward to retirement and enjoying a peaceful easy life.
When a massive solar storm threatens to reduce the Earth to ashes, Earl is among the last few to reach the safety of the ark starships waiting in orbit. Mankindís future seems certain as the ships prepare to leave, but sabotage to their navigation system sends them millions of lightyears off course.
Lost in outer space, Earlís dream of a comfortable life vanishes along with humanityís bright future. As an Army Ranger, he can handle wrangling politicians and even civil war, but when their shipís artificial intelligence decides to take control of human society, heís out of his league.
Desperate times often call for extreme measures, but opposing a vastly superior mind is suicide. Earl has faced long odds before though, and giving up just isnít in his nature.

The cover: