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That's awesome news! Did they give you a date by which they'd take your book down? If they don't meet it, at least you now have the ammo to have it taken down.
Hi, Marissa,

This is what the email said:

It may take ebook copies up to a week to stop showing for sale on extended distribution sites. Paper copies that have already been printed or used copies of paper books will continue to show for sale. There is no way to remedy that, since itís the nature of print publishing.

I figure I'll give it a couple of weeks before I do anything. Just delighted the publisher finally responded.

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Awesome!! Congratuations!! I'm glad you got them back!!
Thanks, Fallen. Over the moon that at least that fight is done.

Thanks for all the support, guys. It can be scary out there on your own. Love the fact that there are so many awesome writers here that have my back.