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Thread: Copyediting Rates

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    Hi Peter!

    Many freelance copyeditors (myself included) have a range of rates depending on the extent of editing required. A copyeditor might, for instance, charge $0.02/word for relatively clean copy and $0.04/word for more problematic copy. You'll still usually see rates expressed in per-word terms--Gillhoughly touched on the main reasons many editors stick with those.

    It's not uncommon for a copyeditor to review the manuscript before taking on a contract and to give the client a quote at that point.

    Also, Inkling is correct in saying that sometimes grammatically clean copy has other issues that require attention during a copyedit. Fact-checking is one (the extent to which copyeditors offer this service varies); another is checking for consistency. If a character's hair color changes or she draws her gun in the warehouse in Chapter 3 after leaving it at home at the end of Chapter 2, a good copyeditor will catch that. And if your manuscript appears particularly problematic in one of these regards, that can drive up the price.

    If your copy is in good shape, you'll be able to find a copyeditor who'll charge less than they would for something sloppy. Even so, professional copyediting will be expensive; reading a manuscript and putting together a style sheet take time regardless of how clean the copy is.

    Best of luck!
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